Our Story

Our Moringa Project …

cropped-child-dirty-water.jpgWe are a Model United Nations class of middle school students in Florida. The Model United Nations is a simulation for students to experience the United Nations and the role they play in solving global issues.

We were divided into two groups: the ECOFIN committee and the UN Water Committee. We researched the effects of extreme poverty and collaborated to form resolutions to solve the global issues of Extreme Poverty, Access to Sanitation, and Access to Clean Water. We also studied programs, such as Microfinance and Sport for Development, that the UN supports to stimulate the economy and the education of the citizens in the regions that are most affected.

One day while touring through the UN building in New York City, we saw a gallery of posters that showcased the work of the United Nations. Because we had studied the topic of Access to Clean Water we were excited to spot a poster of a lady who had a unique way of purifying water for her family. She did this by taking a seed and scrubbing it against a bowl. This made the seed turn into a gel like substance which purifies water. We became very excited about the fact that a simple seed could purify water!  When we arrived back at our hotel, we researched the seed to see if it would grow in Florida where we lived.

After a quick search on the internet we became even more excited! We saw that there was a tree that was grown locally in our region in Florida named the Moringa Tree which did the same thing! Our teacher even had one in her yard!

We learned that one seed from the Moringa Tree can purify an entire litre of water. These seeds could save thousands of people in undeveloped regions if they had access to them, and so we decided to do something about it.

Today we strive to deliver seeds to the less fortunate in Kenya, India and other undeveloped regions so they can have access to clean drinking water.

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